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About the Book

Genre of the Book

Here is where the synopsis of your book will go. This is included on reveals, blitzes, teasers, and tours.


For book tours and most book blitzes here is where an excerpt will go. You can send us 2 -3 excerpts that bloggers can choose to post on their blogs, that way making each stop uniquely different.

Buy Links

Here is where all the buy links will go and a special teaser graphic will go here for book tours.

About the Author

Here is where your bio will go. This is included on reveals, blitzes, teasers, and tours.

Social Links

Here is where readers can follow you on your website and all social media.


On most tours, if you choose, the bloggers can share an author interview, guest post, and of course, additional teaser graphics are placed here. We create 3 – 4 teaser graphics for each tour. These extras are not added to reveals, blitzes, or teasers. We create 1 – 2 teaser graphics for blitzes and teasers. We ask that you give us a few of your favorite quotes to add to some of these teaser graphics. Cover reveals only share the cover.

Here are examples of the many types of teaser graphics Quill and Ink Book Tours will create for your events.


Most tours include a giveaway, and many blitzes include a giveaway. There are no giveaways on reveals or teasers.

Tour Schedule

This is the tour schedule with links to all of the host’s sites for you and your readers to visit.

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