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“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”
― Ernest Hemingway

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We Accept All Genres!

Our Events run from Monday to Saturday!

Sundays tend to be on the slower side and our goal is to get your book boosted with the highest views possible.

Please read the Tour Guidelines before booking a tour with Quill and Ink Book Tours.  

When you book a tour with Quill and Ink Book Tours it means you have read and agreed with the information and terms listed there and will adhere to them.

Grandfather Clause

We offer a Grandfather Clause which locks you into the rates when you first hire us. If our rates change your rate never goes up. 

Mock Tour

Check out our Mock Tour to give you an idea of how our tours and events will look. All are created uniquely for your book but the format is the same across all of our events. 

What is A Blitz

A blitz is a promotional event that is like a party for your book. Blitzes run for three days and can be used for a variety of marketing needs. Check below to learn more and see what types of blitzes we offer.

Price – $45.00

  • 3 Day Event.
  • For single books and series (We do not charge extra for a series.)
  • Excerpt and Promo Post Only (No Reviews.)
  • There are no limits on the number of participants.
  • Includes Book Blurb/Synopsis, Cover Photo, Author Bio and Social Media Links, Goodreads Link (If available), Pre-Buy Links (If Available), Exclusive Excerpt (If Available), as well as any other Promotional Materials Provided by the author.
  • Media Kit Provided.
  • Social Media guaranteed on Quill and Ink Book Tours Blog and social media.
  • Sign up on Quill and Ink Book Tours website.
  • A giveaway is not required but if you opt for one you will need to manage the prizes and distribute these to the winner.
  • Can be done on short notice; however, we do recommend you schedule your blitz 1 week before the start date.
  • Please read the Tour Guidelines before booking a tour with Quill and Ink Book Tours.  

Types of Blitzes

Pre-Order Blitz

  • Great for getting the buzz out there about your upcoming book and getting those early pre-order sales.
  • These are used for upcoming releases only.
  • You must also have a pre-order set on Amazon or other book publishing platforms.

Release Blitz

  • Great for a book that has just been released to get those early sales and get the buzz out about your new book.
  • We recommend starting these the day your book is released. 

Book Blitz

  • A great general marketing event that can be for any book or series.
  • Must be a book or series that has been published.

Sale Blitz

  • A great way to boost your sales.
  • Must be for a book that is on sale.
  • We recommend starting the blitz the day your book goes on sale.

Freebie Blitz

  • Great for books that you have set for free to start a new series, boost an upcoming release, or a book you plan to put for free for a limited time. 

Have another idea for a blitz not listed, let us know and we’ll gladly schedule it.

Book Your Blitz

Ready to book your blitz? Click the Book A Tour button below to schedule and we’ll be in touch to get started on your blitz.

Or you can email your request to us at You can expect a response within 48 hours.

If emailing your request, please submit the following information:

  • Your name
  • Book Title & Synopsis
  • Book Cover (High-Definition Resolution Preferred)
  • Any additional graphics, such as teasers or other versions of your cover
  • Author Photo and Bio
  • The Genre of the book
  • The Type of blitz (pre-order blitz, book blitz, release blitz, etc., and the dates that you want to schedule your blitz.)

Note: Once you’ve signed up for a blitz, you will be sent a packet with information and any additional materials needed for your chosen blitz.


We Accept Payments via Paypal.

We send invoices out as soon as the blitz is scheduled and the invoice must be paid in its entirety at least 2 days before the blitz start date. 

Additional Services

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“I can’t write without a reader. It’s precisely like a kiss—you can’t do it alone.”

― John Cheever

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